How I build winning playbooks for publishers

Insights from 15 Years of Crafting Strategies for Enterprise Publishers and Digital Teams

it’s easy to say that organizations are always grappling with a lot, and what to do first (and in what order!) is not an easy task. I always start by customizing a playbook to fit the team.

As strategy is about what decisions you’ll make, and what tradeoffs you’ll take, it’s important to know it’s a conversation, and it will rotate as you move. Your playbok should be the compass for your journey.

The oft-quoted meme up what a playbook is perfectly:

Here are some favorite starter conversations I’ve found to be impactful in the past 15 years, based on real projects.

Let these be some inspiration for your next digital overhaul:

Note: the specifics about each publisher are typically under NDA, and as much as I wish i could, please know I am intentionally brief about the details on many client projects.

That said, feel free to read about specifics in these case studies of projects I helped bring to light!

Oftentimes, the tech and media executives I’ve worked with admit to feeling overwhelmed by this dynamic chaos of the modern media landscape.

All the players involved are tasked to “fix it.” To fix the the really complicated plane while it’s flying. (With millions and millions of monthly visitors aboard!)

To all be aware of complexities like automated workflows or untapped monetization optimizations, New opportunities and threats are at every corner.

And to unpack all that with lingering tech debt of the institutions can paralyze teams from making a decision. To do that effectively requires a strategy.

And when the teams I’ve worked with (for example, the agency behind Rolling Stone, Eat This Not That, entrust partners (either directly or to a digital agency) to plot out their digital futures, that’s what they want: A clear plan on how to move forward.

Those strategies aren’t mere notes on paper or ideas in a cold storage corner of some fellow data nerd’s brain. They’re symphonies that resonate across the digital landscape.

I really do love guiding renowned brands on the transformative journey through the ever-evolving digital landscape, and reminding them that the only strategies worth employing are ones show growth. (And also, almost every one of your competitors is actively trying to find and pounce on your weaknesses!)

I provide advice to enterprise publishers on how to navigate the ever-changing publisher landscape: From SEO advice and customizing workflows, to AI integration and beyond.

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