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I graduated San Jose State University in Spring 2013 with bachelors degrees in anthropology and magazine journalism. I’ve worked as as photographer, graphic designer, writer, sign language interpreter and full-stack developer. I have a strong curiosity about life. I want to read every classic novel, travel to every good city and eat every tasty dish.

Currently I am a WordPress consultant at XWP and I am occasionally available for freelance work and collaborative projects, and care deeply about journalism, education and the Deaf community. My heart is in the truth, and I want to continue to work with journalists, documentary filmmakers and photographers to advance the stories we seek to tell.

It goes without saying, I love WordPress and open source software. Over the past several years, I’ve spent a lot of time participating and organizing with the WordPress community. Beyond attending events, I’ve also spoken at the Los Angeles WordPress meetup several times and started a Long Beach meetup in 2017. I also have spoken at local WordCamps. I’m helping organize for WordCamp Los Angeles 2018 and WordCamp Orange County 2018. It’s incredible how volunteering to help support this free open source software has opened up horizons for me and others, and I’m excited to be a part of it. Beyond WP, I use Linux daily, tinkering with other FOSS projects and contributing wherever I can.

My designs, photography, writing and code has been published, off-and-on, since 2003. My work has appeared online and in print, plus artwork I’ve designed has been transferred to canvas, t-shirts, pens, car graphics, building signs, sunglasses, and many, many coffee mugs. I think about user-centered design and interactions, too, as form is nothing without its function.

I’ve worked with incredible people at every organization, from Pulitzer Prize winners to top Broadway actors, and I’ve learned invaluable lessons along the way. Above all, I’m a collaborative storyteller. I’ve always said my priority in life is to give voices to the voiceless—if you’ve got a project that’ll do this, sign me up.

Here’s an exhaustive (and definitely incomplete) list of some of the publications and organizations where my work has appeared:

Non-publication clients include:

  • Google
  • Automattic
  • Herman Miller
  • Mazda
  • IBM
  • Walt Disney Pictures
  • Orange County Teachers FCU (Now SchoolsFirst FCU)
  • Relativity Media + Relativity Education