Well Worth Dessert: Crepes and Grapes lives up to its namesake, and then some

The quiet town of Whittier, founded by Quakers in the late nineteenth, century was once home to late President Richard Nixon, Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas, and boxer Oscar de la Hoya.

But since 2004 it also serves as the location for the dazzling Crêpes and Grapes Café.

Like its accented name, the restaurant screams Mediterranean cuisine. Walking in feels like one has traveled thousands of miles.

The walls embellish deep-toned paints with neat art prints all around.

The jazz background music is tranquil, creating a feel of a quiet Italian town on the sea.

The hummus and bread appetizer, served with hummus in olive oil and roasted red and green peppers, makes them a good start. The appetizer serves two to four and has two different breads.

The succulent hummus and panini was well worth the $7.

The strawberry lemonade, with tasty fresh strawberries, and hot chocolate are a must-have to drink.

Crêpes and Grapes has an extensive drink menu, hot and cold. There are choices of about 14 coffees and nearly 30 wines as well as nearly two-dozen teas, a few juices and milks, which creates a plethora of items to choose from.

As for the main course, the menu is equally scattered with sweet and savory crêpes, pastas, sandwiches, premium salads and even the occasional steak and seafood.

The panini is hard to resist for a late lunch.

The aromatic chicken pesto with sun-dried tomatoes, olives and artichokes created a pleasant fusion.

The penne rigate served with marinara garlic and basil was full of flavor, and could satisfy anyone.

It is worth noting that entrées are available with not only salad, but also a small bowl of fresh fruit.

A sweet crêpe is the perfect way to finish a meal like the Ban-Berries a la Nutella, which comes with sliced bananas, strawberries and nutella embedded into the light flour pastry garnished with whipped cream.

Salads, pasta, crêpes and several drinks can be made for those with an alternative diet like vegetarians.

Their service was exceptional, with one knock – while eating I craved a refill for my strawberry lemonade.

However, it took 10 minutes for my to come back, and once she did, I discovered that refills are not free on many of their drinks.

The restaurant was moderately priced and averages about $20 per person for a full meal, though orders for takeout are also available.

This café is more than a grab-and-go. It serves a high-class meal on a middle-class budget and is well worth a drive from Fullerton.

After all, half an hour for delightful crêpes sure does beat halfway around the world.

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