Column: It’s (just about) the same thing

How much coffee is “enough?” I’m going to try to answer this exact question. Earlier this week, published Lindsay Abrams’ “The Case for Drinking as Much Coffee as You Like,” which cites more than 20 different scientific studies, concluding that coffee consumption is inherently good and leads to longer life. I agree that coffee […]

Column: Attack of the drones

The current presidential race has very little actual discussion on issues — President Barack Obama and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney spent the entire debate bantering on non sequiturs about how the other one lied. Why is it that the biggest piece of news this week is Romney and other Republicans bashing the Bureau of Labor Statistics […]

Column: Let your phone die

We spend 2.7 hours every day texting, tweeting, Tumblring, Instagramming and the like on our cellphones, and it’s ruining our lives. Little do we know, our cellphones are covered in microparticles of our poop, old food, pet dander and other people’s sweat. A report this week by the Wall Street Journal cites that because our phones […]

Column: Poll-dancing 2012, or understanding bias and errors in election tallies

Over the last several years I have studied statistics, analyzed government data regularly and produced charts and infographics for local and national newspapers. I’ve found the majority of the polls and surveys done today have major problems, and their results are often confusing — most indicatively, presidential polls. In this time I’ve grown fond of […]

Office hours should not be slashed

In a 26-7 vote (with 5 abstentions), the SJSU Academic Senate approved a motion to drastically reduce office hours this week, as reported in Tuesday’s Spartan Daily article, “Office Hours Slashed by Academic Senate.” If we accept a decrease in office hours and instead use email as an equal replacement for talking face-to-face, we are accepting […]

Historian speaks on influential economist

Historian David Hart lectured on French economic thinker Frédéric Bastiat in the Engineering Auditorium Monday as part of the SJSU economics department’s David S. Saurman Provocative Series. “Bastiat has a very witty and sarcastic way of making a point,” said Graham Newell, graduate master’s student of economics. Hart studied extensively in history, completing a master’s […]

Students: Save some money with knowledge

SJSU students brought 17 financial institutions and organizations to campus to educate the community about finance last week. As a part of “Financial Literacy for the Community,” workshops were held every hour-and-a-half, aligned to class periods, in Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Library and Clark Hall. Sociology lecturer Michael Fallon was the lead organizer, combining […]

Job fair overcast by anxiety, frustration

From lower-division students passing through to their next class to graduating seniors eager to find work, yesterday’s Job Fair connected students to 73 hiring companies. “I’ve never seen anything like this in recent years,” said Career Center Director Cheryl Allmen-Vinnedge, in response to what she says is a 38 percent increase in employer turnout at […]

SJSU students join in protesting budget cuts in Sacramento

SACRAMENTO — College students marched the rainy streets of Sacramento on Monday in protest of past and proposed budget and enrollments cuts. Thousands of students from across the state gathered at the California State Capitol despite inclement weather waving signs and leading chants against the proposed fee increases affecting the higher education system. SJSU had […]

Bright Eyes says goodbye with Hitler, Rastafarianism in new album

In his seventh release under his band, Bright Eyes, Conor Oberst seems to talk about every major religion. The People’s Key feels like it leaves the listener overwhelmed. From the opening song, “Firewall,” we get a profound ramble from Danny Brewer, a Texan friend of Oberst, about how Hitler comes to life from reptiles in […]

‘Blue Valentine’ showcases heartbreaking standout performances

The film, “Blue Valentine,” discusses the dichotomy common to many relationships. Two individuals, one who is “blue” and one who is a “valentine,” play in conflict. Ryan Gosling’s character, Dean, marries Michelle Williams’s character, Cindy, after he finds out she is pregnant. It is suggested the child isn’t his, but he chooses to marry her […]

Prospectors Club finds gold

“I have an iPod,” said 94 year old founding Prospectors Club member Harriet Sawyer. “And I love how great it sounds.” Sawyer, like her club, is embracing the technology of today. At the 75th annual Prospectors’ club meeting last Friday, the FC Library announced its scrapbook site and participation in the California Digital Collections. Both […]

Music department spends more than $220,000 in grants on concert grand pianos

What price would you put on musical education? Fullerton College recently put $220,000 worth of grant money towards the most sophisticated and finely tuned pianos in the world, in an attempt to draw the best up-and-coming musicians to the campus. During the summer of 2007-2008, Fullerton College’s Fine Arts Music Department was awarded the Vocational […]

Geckler brings L.A. art to Fullerton campus

Fullerton College Fine Arts professor Megan Geckler’s sculptures are, without a doubt, stunning. “Set a Course for Wayward Schemes,” named after a lyric by indie-pop stars Belle and Sebastian, is her first piece this year, installed at a busy corner in downtown Los Angeles. Created wholly out of bright multi-colored flagging tape used by construction […]

Artist’s provacative work fuses elements of American and Japanese Culture

Wendy Maruyama is a contemporary artist and professor at San Diego State University. Her current exhibit in the FC Art Gallery is smashing the traditional views of Japanese ancestry and fusing them with her life in America. Maruyama conveys her ideas through bold images of sex, freedom and commercialism. Her Mid Career Exhibition, consisting of […]

Living online: A look the world using Second Life

Professor Paul Lester’s evening Communications 300 class meets every Monday and Wednesday at 7 p.m. His California State University, Fullerton students attend lecture, but as he describes, “It’s just a bit different.” The thing is, Lester’s class is virtual. His class, taught entirely online, utilizes a hybrid between Blackboard, a digital course management system, and […]