Product strategy leader
prioritizing people, collaboration,
and innovation


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I’m Leo. 🍊 I’m a product manager who
cares about solving problems the right way.

I’m passionate and curious about ambiguous problems, and I want to help you create the next breakthrough.

With almost 20 years of digital media roles, it’s safe to say I love making stuff and finding creative solutions to challenges.

My experience covers many domains, including web development, data analytics, UX design, software engineering, and media literacy.

My most recent long-term staff role was as Head of Product, Strategy, and Partnerships at XWP, a leading enterprise web agency that doubled its revenue for two years in a row.

On a daily basis, I was in a client-facing role with execs from Fortune 500 companies and top media brands to provide foundation advice on real-world challenges. I started by working directly on projects (including a few with Google) before changing roles. I then built a partnerships program which directed revenue-positive strategic projects to major brands like Rolling Stone, Vice, Dow Jones, NewsCorp, and many, many others.

I’m currently looking for my next opportunity in product management and strategy roles. If it sounds like you might need someone like me on your team, let’s build something great together!

Here’s a sampling of some of my work. If you want to know more about what kinds of results I can bring, check out my tailored 📈 Data+Product and 📱 Media case studies!

Me across the Web


I meet with WordPress VIP and a PMC exec to share Rolling Stone’s digital innovation journey and how we relaunched We walk through how this 50-year old brand modernized its massive content library for new audiences.


In response to a viral Malcolm Gladwell interview, I navigate how remote work went from a “fake internet job” to a common reality in this post-COVID world.


In this new era rife with overreaching data collection, new cybersecurity threats, and overwhelmed site owners (and confused website visitors)—this still-relevant presentation on data privacy helps explain how we all should respond.