Crafting new pathways for the future media generations

As the lead digital and creative architect behind Relativity School and Relativity Workshops, I reported to the Chief Creative Officer. Together we orchestrated a harmonious blend of innovation, education, and artistic expression. 

Our canvas was more than just a handful of websites or flyers—it’s also the minds of aspiring creators, eager to shape the future. 

How I participated in Relativity Media’ launch of Relativity Education, Relativity School and Beyond

Working in education is a different kind of experience, and it bridged some of my earlier experiences. I had previously worked as a graphic designer for a STEM program at Fullerton College and served as a student government officer at San Jose State.

Since we launched the first cohort of a brand new college, it was extra special to see the first students. I loved watching the creative energy come together. 

Note: Relativity School’s startup mentality means it went through a lot of changes. Shortly after I left it was was rebranded to Studio School, then to a campus of Hussian College (who provided accreditation for the school from the very beginning.)

Unfortunately, Hussian College announced it was shuttering all of its campuses, including the school formerly known as Relativity, in 2023 in light of declining enrollment across all of higher education.

The Overture: Relativity School

Genesis: In 2014, Relativity School welcomed its inaugural class—a bold experiment in education. Our canvas extended beyond textbooks; it embraced the art of storytelling.

Hussian College Partnership: We joined forces with Hussian College, weaving accredited BFA programs into the fabric of Hollywood dreams. Our students weren’t just learners; they were content entrepreneurs, poised to redefine entertainment.

Produced advertisements for national publications and flyers for Hollywood Insiders

Ads ranged in publications such as Variety, Dance Magazine and more.

Hollywood insiders include Randall Kleiser (Director, GREASE/BLUE LAGOON), David Zucker (Writer, AIRPLANE!), Edward Neumeier (ROBOCOP, STARSHIP TROOPERS).

Relativity Education Video Projects

Collaborated to create graphics to set tone, life, and aesthetics alongside film professionals.

The Intermezzo

Dwight School Partnership: We didn’t stop at college. Relativity High School, also known as ICL Academy, was our next movement. A fusion of education and entertainment, it empowered young minds to reach for the stars.

My Symphony of Roles

Team Conductor: My baton led a small, passionate team. Sometimes it was on-set, other times it was on computers, and we had to figure out how to make it work. Together, we composed excellence.

Design Virtuoso: I painted pixels, sculpted layouts, and breathed life into interfaces. From websites to print materials, every stroke mattered.

Digital Maestro: I conducted the orchestra of online presence. SEO, ad optimization, and user experience—each note resonated.

Leaner-Teacher: A few times I stepped up and actually jumped in the classroom, teaching digital literacy alongside the professors as part of the basic foundations. I had previously taught art to middle schoolers, and my mom has long been a professor, too, so it felt natural to help others. But all in all, I was excited to learn.

On-Set Work: Amidst the lights and cameras, I even had a few chances to play my part, too—sometimes in small roles, but always contributing to the grand narrative. I loved prophandling, cinematography and even directing. Though it was pretty cool to say I even got to play a tiny part in a Chinese feature film!

Some more specifics:

Led design and web development/maintenence department for multiple sub-brands (Relativity School – College, Workshops – Summer Camps, ICL Academy – High School – Studio Sidecar – Production Company)

Launched automation and project tracking efforts— inlcuding selecting, designing and customizing a custom PHP-based project tracking system for film production.

Worked with Google Analytics to make better decisions for design and marketing.

Led the selection and onboarding process of the college’s (Relativity School) selection of ERP/SIS system.

Designed ads for national newspapers and magazines.

Produced and maintained multiple long-format digital books, including catalogs, promotional materials and more.

Curated photography and produced brand guidelines for each product—college, high school, workshops.

Managed order procurement (bidding, pricing, inventory) for printed materials including catalogs, flyers, t-shirts, pens, coffee mugs and more.

The Finale: Legacy and Beyond

Graduation: I left to start a new journey just weeks before the inaugural class donned caps and gowns. Some went onto dance in major rock musicals, others starred in indie films. (One is still the voice of Cleveland Brown!)  All carried the rhythm of storytelling.

The school was truly unique: I worked alongside famous Broadway performers, faces from MadTV, voices from radio, actors from commercials and even a few Academy winners. My favorite memory? Birthdays sung in perfect pitch.

And as a curtain falls, another rises: I’m so glad I had the chance to meet so many many great students and professors, and I remember seeing many shifts in marketing as a result of our innovations.