Branding enterprise: Project GPS2

When I was in community college, I helped design, build and launch a comprehensive platform. As the designated project specialist for Project GPS2, I designed logos and collateral material for the length of the federally granted program.








From just after program launch in January 2009 until I transferred in August 2010, I helped produce more than fifteen logos and dozens of flyers for the program, leading to an internship and job doing similar work with Graves Communications.

More about Project GPS2

Project GPS2, a program “Guiding and Preparing STEM Students,” was a National Science Foundation granted program (specifically a hispanic-serving institutions grant prgram) that linked Fullerton College, Santa Ana College, and Cal State Fullerton in a joint effort to raise community awareness of STEM in more diverse and at-risk parts of town.

The program has since been rebranded due to grant restrictions to maintain a broader career-technical education focus and now part of the Natural Sciences division.