Leo Postovoit

Seeking a full-time staff position as
a senior product manager on a
technical, media or product team

With 15 years of experience, I prioritize people, collaboration, and innovation in the pursuit to deliver a better world around us.


I was XWP’s Head of Product Strategy and Partnerships from 2017 to 2023. I worked with some of the biggest brands in the world, including Google, Rolling Stone, and the Wall Street Journal, focusing on major web tech builds (SaaS, enterprise websites, WordPress plugins) for both in-house and outsourced products in a in-house, full-time role for a remote global team.


Since then I’ve been freelancing with my expertise while I round out 15 years of experience in media, agencies, and software development. I’ve very happy to be learning, building, and researching in a few areas:

  • Artificial Intelligence (Univ. of Helsinki, Microsoft, IBM, 2023-24)
  • PrivacyOps and AI Governance for large systems (Securiti, 2024)
  • Google Analytics GA4, AI-powered ads: (Google, 2023)
  • Actively researching machine learning and artificial intelligence (Pytorch, Tensor Flow, GPTs, Python, GANs; 2019-present)

I’m also Enrolled in the Cybersecurity college program at Calbright College (2023-Present) and will soon complete the CompTIA+ Security+ certificate.

Sharpening the axes
to clear new paths forward

From early 2023 to present I’ve enjoyed a different pace away from the busy 50+ client portfolio with a focus on only a few projects at a time to better be able to respond to the new technology climate.

My freelance work has been in and around web development, strategy, and design. Some project highlights include:

  • Project X, an web development project leveraging AI to supercharge a local food and beverage business who needed business forecasting and process improvements [2023-2024]
  • Major headless WordPress blog rebuild (React/NextJS) for a corporate client [2023]
  • Freelance blog and SEO development for various authors [2023]
  • Built a deeplinking audio podcasting service to allow for dynamic media experiences next to audio [2018]

More on my time as Head of Product Strategy and Partnerships

My 5 years at XWP had me covering many areas and leading the pack as we broke new ground.

It wasn’t just mingling with BigCommerce or Automattic, or speaking at webinars and international conferences (though it was that too!)—it was serious work, including:

In-house product development and leadership

At various points, XWP pushed into product work itself—not just as executor of plans. We made great strides with Stream, WP Tide, and a host of performance offerings including: WP’s AMP, an awesome analytics bridge for page speed, and a now-defunct performance review tool that simulated business gains and losses that we used to help businesses focused on Conversion Rate (CRO) recapture gains due to poor page speed.

Business Development

At various points, I oversaw a breadth of strategy-focused activities: From pipeline and marketing development, to our participation in (and hosting of!) international events. Thinking and building in terms of “From 0 to 1” for a giant portfolio of 50+ clients across a dozen teams across the globe meant learning how to collaborate, document, and push through.

More than justStrategy

As the front of the helm and constantly checking in with clients, It started off with leading initial product requirements gathering, backlog grooming, and oftentimes high-level architecture planning… Other times, it means diving in, because we’re working on a top partner’s project.

Also, I “chopped the chops” too

Some execs learn buzz words and couldn’t lift an axe… But even after I moved away from direct team roles I understood how important it was to continue contributing and I tried to always be a cut above the rest.

Some of my favorite contributions across these efforts include:

  • Software development: frontend engineering and architecture planning
  • Personalized Business Reports: Total website SEO reviews, privacy impact assessments
  • SEO and Performance: Reviewing conversion and CRO, page speed and performance metrics, frontend performance quality, search engine indexability, site health
  • Business Analysis Planning: Competitor Analysis, Requirements gathering, RFP generation and response

And given that I was a hybrid role embedded between engineering, sales, and product I responded to RFPs, drafted the client plans, and presented the deck and proposal to the client: I know I was pivotal in XWP’s doubling in size and revenue for two years in a row. (Alongside an incredible team of the world’s best engineers to actually deliver on the rest of it, of course!)


Leading the Ecosystem to Become Faster

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