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  • General Photo Portfolio

    General Photo Portfolio

    From SJSU and Missouri Photo Workshop trainings alongside top photographers, I’ve always loved shooting pictures.

  • Relativity Education Video Projects

    Relativity Education Video Projects

    Custom Graphics for “The Bachelor: Big House Edition” parody Custom titles for “Runner’s Edge” Trailer Type design/light SFX for “Space Goo Commercial Comprehensive Title Graphics design for Hip Hop Battle Comrehensive Title Graphics design for “Shants” Type Design for “Sorrow” Trailer Type Design for “STANCE” Trailer

  • The Denver Post

    The Denver Post

    Dow Jones News Fund Intern for the digital team

  • San Francisco Chronicle

    San Francisco Chronicle

    Layout, photography, and graphic wizardry meets storytelling at my favorite newspaper I’ve worked with so far.

  • Column: It’s (just about) the same thing

    How much coffee is “enough?” I’m going to try to answer this exact question. Earlier this week, published Lindsay Abrams’ “The Case for Drinking as Much Coffee as You Like,” which cites more than 20 different scientific studies, concluding that coffee consumption is inherently good and leads to longer life. I agree that coffee…

  • Column: Attack of the drones

    Column: Attack of the drones

    The current presidential race has very little actual discussion on issues — President Barack Obama and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney spent the entire debate bantering on non sequiturs about how the other one lied. Why is it that the biggest piece of news this week is Romney and other Republicans bashing the Bureau of Labor Statistics…

  • Column: Let your phone die

    We spend 2.7 hours every day texting, tweeting, Tumblring, Instagramming and the like on our cellphones, and it’s ruining our lives. Little do we know, our cellphones are covered in microparticles of our poop, old food, pet dander and other people’s sweat. A report this week by the Wall Street Journal cites that because our phones…

  • Column: Starbucks sets up shop in India

    You’ve probably never heard of Café Coffee Day, but since 1996, they have opened 1350 retail establishments — from Pune to Kolkata — and it’s become a big part of the cultural fabric for many young Indians. But a green mermaid has this low-hanging coffee fruit in sight. Last week, India’s first Starbucks opened in…

  • Column: Poll-dancing 2012, or understanding bias and errors in election tallies

    Over the last several years I have studied statistics, analyzed government data regularly and produced charts and infographics for local and national newspapers. I’ve found the majority of the polls and surveys done today have major problems, and their results are often confusing — most indicatively, presidential polls. In this time I’ve grown fond of…