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From Newsrooms
to Artificial Intelligence

My transition into technical and design roles (I’ve innovated with major studios, newsrooms, and creators across the web) came about with learning many lessons: When I began my career as a journalist in the “new media” era, I was met with the field radically reinventing itself. With the rise of the internet’s new-found reach, I quickly saw the power of technology in its ability to grow organizations, inform audiences, and simplify complexities: I leaned into these changes, and I’ve been growing non-stop.

15 years later I’m proud to say I’m a senior product professional, tackling challenges with these insights to solve media’s hardest problems.

Currently I am focused on ways to leverage AI’s transformative potential and how we can ethically harness cutting-edge tools to succeed in a fast-paced world, all while we navigate these new social norms, comply with data privacy law, and keep up with best practices surrounding usability and transparency.

Three Relevant Projects that highlight what it’s like to work with me

Case Study 1: Breaking Free
from Performance Bottlenecks

The Challenge: Cowgirl Magazine’s website was slow, outdated, and hampered by an unresponsive vendor. This limited their ability to compete, attract new audiences, and grow their business.

My Solution: I led a complete website transformation, focusing on speed, user-friendliness, and SEO optimization. This included overhauling navigation, updating copy, implementing industry-standard SEO practices, and empowering the Cowgirl team with new tools.

The Results: The website overhaul transformed Cowgirl’s online presence. They experienced massive page speed improvements, especially on mobile, boosting user engagement and satisfaction. The new tools and platform gave them greater flexibility and control, while improved SEO and enhanced UX led to significant gains in both desktop (29%) and mobile (67%) traffic.

Case Study 2: Building Partnerships
To make a Faster, More User-Centric Web

The Challenge: Website owners across industries struggled with slow websites, outdated technology, and a lack of performance optimization strategies.

My Solution: I spearheaded the development of a suite of performance products at my former agency. These scalable tools, combined with comprehensive training, empowered website owners to address speed issues, enhance user experience, and improve SEO.

The Results: Our work had far-reaching impact. Clients saw increased traffic, higher conversion rates, and stronger search rankings. My role in initiatives like AMP and Web Stories helped transform the web for media organizations globally.

Case Study 3: Using AI for Business Growth

The Challenge: A leading F&B organization struggled with inefficient demand forecasting, leading to missed sales opportunities and product waste. Data was siloed and difficult to leverage for actionable insights.

My Solution: I designed and implemented a custom, AI-powered forecasting model that integrated data from various sources, including sales history, supply chain information, and marketing campaign data. Using tools like PowerBI, ChatGPT, Pinecone, and custom-built applications, this solution delivered real-time insights to multiple stakeholders.

The Results: The organization achieved significant improvements in forecasting accuracy, leading to optimized production, staffing, and inventory management. We saw a 15% increase in gross sales and a 45% reduction in product waste.

My Winning Approach

I measure and focus on three key areas when tackling changing ecosystems:

  1. Adaptability. The media landscape shifts constantly. I stay ahead of the curve, quickly understanding new tools and their applications.
  2. Creativity. I approach problems with an open mind, finding solutions that combine tech with human-centered storytelling.
  3. Data-Driven Results. Decisions are always backed by data, driving measurable improvements in traffic, subscriptions, and engagement.

My work with both established and emerging media entities gives me a unique perspective on staying competitive: I can help you navigate it all.

And whether it’s creator-focused newsletters (e.g. Substack), new formats like “Web Stories,” podcasting, or Tiktok—there’s a lot you can do if you understand what your audience needs.

This means looking at your key areas of growth, including:

  • How to smash silos preventing business growth: Tech initiatives can’t be isolated from the creator: you’ve got to bring in the people who actually use the tools. You have to ensure collaboration is occuring—whatever the team shape. Be it between IT, editorial, executive, and product: Teams must be cooperative for a successful website, app, or ERP software build.
  • How to actually aligned with your audience: No matter the company size, audience needs are paramount. I help organizations refocus away from protecting old structures and outdated concepts to creating truly user-centric experiences with clearer targets in mind. I love conducting user research, data analysis, competitor reseach, and persona workshops—and this has real impacts when done well.
  • Embrace Experimentation and be better at Trendspotting: Set realistic goals for pilot projects and create space for test-and-learn approaches to find what truly works for your audience. Understanding what truly innovative startups are doing, and where those shifts create opportunities or threats for incumbents.

Are you an organization struggling to unlock your potential due to challenges with your technology?

I specialize in solving complex challenges, and want to work together to build sustainable innovation for you.