How I Harness the Power
of Data to Drive Growth

I’m available for hire!

I’m a seasoned technologist and AI expert dedicated to helping SaaS companies, marketing teams, and product organizations transform performance, user experience, and business outcomes.

With 15+ years of success leading product development, innovation, and strategic initiatives (both in-house and agency) I’ve earned a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing today’s businesses.

My passion lies in applying data-driven analysis, AI, and a human-centered approach to solve complex problems, optimize performance, and drive measurable growth. Whether you’re a SaaS company looking to boost conversions, a marketing team seeking to improve engagement, or a product organization focused on delivering superior user experiences, I have the expertise that can make real impacts.

Three Relevant Projects that highlight what it’s like to work with me

Case Study 1: Breaking Free
from Performance Bottlenecks

The Challenge: Pantheon’s powerful WebOps platform was being held back by a slow, outdated website that didn’t reflect their commitment to speed and user experience.

My Solution: I led a comprehensive performance overhaul. We streamlined navigation, crafted compelling copy, improved accessibility, optimized code, and implemented cutting-edge development practices.

The Results: Pantheon’s website transformed into a lightning-fast, user-centric experience. They saw significant increases in MQLs (30%) and overall sales (12%), proving the power of performance optimization.

Case Study 2: Building Partnerships
To make a Faster, More User-Centric Web

The Challenge: Website owners across industries struggled with slow websites, outdated technology, and a lack of performance optimization strategies.

My Solution: I spearheaded the development of a suite of performance products at my former agency. These scalable tools, combined with comprehensive training, empowered website owners to address speed issues, enhance user experience, and improve SEO.

The Results: Our work had far-reaching impact. Clients saw increased traffic, higher conversion rates, and stronger search rankings. My role in initiatives like AMP and Web Stories helped transform the web for media organizations globally.


Building our
in-house products
to make the web faster

Sports stopwatch, timepiece

Case Study 3: Using AI for Business Growth

The Challenge: A leading F&B organization struggled with inefficient demand forecasting, leading to missed sales opportunities and product waste. Data was siloed and difficult to leverage for actionable insights.

My Solution: I designed and implemented a custom, AI-powered forecasting model that integrated data from various sources, including sales history, supply chain information, and marketing campaign data. Using tools like PowerBI, ChatGPT, Pinecone, and custom-built applications, this solution delivered real-time insights to multiple stakeholders.

The Results: The organization achieved significant improvements in forecasting accuracy, leading to optimized production, staffing, and inventory management. We saw a 15% increase in gross sales and a 45% reduction in product waste.


AI for Demand Forecasting

Key Areas of Focus

Here’s a look at some of my common conversations I tackle with experts:

  • Data-Driven Strategies: Make informed decisions fueled by in-depth analysis and market insights. I’ll help you harness the power of your data to identify growth opportunities, prioritize initiatives, and track progress.
  • AI for Business Outcomes: Ethically implement AI solutions to streamline processes, personalize experiences, and forecast demand. I’ll collaborate with you to find practical, real-world applications of AI that drive tangible results.
  • User-Centric Design: Craft experiences that resonate with your target audience. I’ll conduct user research, analyze behavior patterns, and refine your product or website to deliver exceptional UX, resulting in increased engagement and conversions.

Are you an organization struggling to unlock your potential due to challenges with your technology?

I specialize in solving complex challenges, and want to work together to build sustainable innovation for you.