Hi There! I’ve long thrived at the junction of journalism, culture, design and technology.

I work at XWP as the Head of Product Strategy and Partnerships and am a WordPress Core contributor. Most recently, I spent much of 2018 with Google initiatives around PWAs, AMP and WordPress, including storytelling and developer tools. Since 2019, I’ve focused on initiatives around usability and performance. I also help publishers supercharge their websites, companies build product vision and engineers collaborate for the future.

I consider myself an “M-shaped” engineer-designer-consultant. I’m quick to learn and I love to solve problems. Previously at other companies and institutions, I was a senior WordPress developer, lead graphic designer and an American Sign Language interpreter.

I care a lot about privacy, accessibility, SEO and usability. I love CSS! I absolutely loooove data and infographics, and hope to meet Edward Tufte one day. I also love to have fun (See my most recent project or maybe some of my older stuff!)

I’ve worked with media companies of all kinds (from Relativity Media to the Denver Post to the San Francisco Chronicle to Heavy.com and Discovery/TEN Media) and education organizations of all sizes. I care the most about storytelling.

Outside of work, I’ve long loved bike riding, collecting and repairing vintage cameras and curating a vinyl record collection. I’ve academically studied coffee and am still on the quest to find the perfect cup. When I was 17 I published a book of short stories and poetry, and hope to publish another soon.

I studied both journalism and anthropology at San Jose State University and currently reside in Long Beach, California.


You can email me at leo (at) this website (dot) com. Let’s talk!